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Blair Bartosiewicz

Longevity & Running Coach

About Me:

  • High School Distance Runner

  • Division 1 Cross Country

  • Three Year USAT All American

  • Gold Level All World Athlete Ironman

  • Multiple Age Group Podiums

  • USAT Long Course Champion

Having Fun, Staying Strong, and Reaching Goals

Hi there! I'm Blair, your dedicated RRAC Level 1 Coach. My primary goal is to motivate athletes like you towards reaching their goals with fun and passion. With my extensive experience in various race distances, I can guide you to push your limits.

As your coach, I'll emphasize essential training components to elevate your performance. We'll explore identifying between discomfort and lingering pain, understanding varied paces, using heart rate monitors for effective training, and performing form analysis for necessary adjustments. I’ll share the significance of warm-up, drills, cool down, strengths run phases, and recovery. You'll also discover the importance of cross-training and run-specific strength training, and learn about different strength phases and intervals.

Here's my offerings:

  • Personalized training plans designed as per your race goals

  • Detailed analysis of heart rate breakdown zones

  • Backup plans for rest days

  • Frequent tracking of progress with consistent updates

My love for running fuels my passion for coaching. I believe every athlete deserves a tailor-made program aligning with their specific goals. My foremost priority is to maintain your injury-free status while ensuring significant progress. For this, we'll utilize heart rate data, regular check-ins, menstrual cycle considerations (for female athletes), and referral to experts when required.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced runner, I've got plans for everyone. I work will any level from beginner or competitive runners, like me!

So, are you ready to take your running journey to new heights? Let's lace up those shoes and embark on this incredible adventure together. Reach out to me today and let's get started!

Many people dream of reaching their fitness goals, but with the guidance and support of Celebrity Coach Ky Evans and his team you can stop dreaming and start making it happen!


*A healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise are necessary for weight loss, maintenance, muscle building or toning. Please discuss your decision to begin a fitness or diet program with a healthcare professional and remember - every body is different so results may vary.

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