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Jenn Copper

Nutrition and Longevity Coach

"Our genes are our destiny not our fate! I can help add life to your years!"

Healthy Eating, Healthy Living

Jenn Copper has been an amazing Family Nurse Practitioner for 10 years. She has a background as an Operating Room Nurse for 7 years. She holds a BSN from the awesome Florida State University and an MSN from the incredible Emory University. Currently, she is pursuing a Board Certification in Lifestyle Medicine.

Jenn is super passionate about teaching healthy eating, exercise, and promoting a healthier lifestyle for individuals to enjoy longer and better quality lives.

Born and raised in the beautiful West Palm Beach, FL, Jenn attended Lake Worth High School. She now resides in Gainesville, GA with her husband, 4 kids, and 2 labs. She has a deep love for the ocean and enjoys scuba diving. Staying active is very important to her. She loves engaging in various forms of exercise, particularly HIIT workouts.

While loyal to FSU in college football, Jenn also supports The University of Georgia and occasionally Ohio State. She once dislocated her shoulder during a workout, put it back into place, and continued with her routine before seeking medical attention later in the day.

Jenn is an open book and enjoys sharing her knowledge and life experiences as a Family Nurse Practitioner, promoting a healthy lifestyle for others.

Many people dream of reaching their fitness goals, but with the guidance and support of Celebrity Coach Ky Evans and his team you can stop dreaming and start making it happen!


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*A healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise are necessary for weight loss, maintenance, muscle building or toning. Please discuss your decision to begin a fitness or diet program with a healthcare professional and remember - every body is different so results may vary.

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